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2016/2017 Tag (Q&A)

Hey all!

The lovely Wormal tagged me in this chain tag which is basically a fun little Q&A created by David! The questions looked rather easy but when I got down to answering them, I had to think and introspect quite a bit. So, if you’d like to find out a little more about me or answer the quiz yourself, keep reading!

The Rules: 

  • Mention the creator of the TAG
  • Use the image that you find in this article.
  • Mention the blogger who has chosen you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Mention 9 bloggers/friends and let them know through a comment on their blog.(I put this part after the questions! Make sure to check out who I tagged!

With that out of the way, let’s get answering!

The Q&A: 

  1. Describe your 2016 in 3 words.
  • Achievements
  • Dreams
  • Independence
  1. Write the names of 2 people that have characterized your 2016.

People have named well-known public figures, but I thought I’d look at it personally, and the people who have characterized my 2016 are pretty much the same as every other year; my siblings. They’re always going to be the most influential people in my life.

  1. Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much.

While we usually travel a lot, this last year hasn’t been the best, travel-wise. College kept me busy all year, but even so, I really enjoyed my visit to Goa, India. Goa is by the sea and has a lot of lovely beaches and amazing sea-food. But, what made the trip amazing was that I went with a whole bunch of friends from college and we had an absolute blast!


  1. Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.

Ooh, this is a tough one since I’m a foodie and love all cuisines! Hmm, I’m probably going to say Indian cuisine in general because being here in London, that’s the food I really miss.

  1. Write the event which has marked you more of this in 2016 (even global event).

Getting accepted into my dream college and moving to my dream city, I’d say!

  1. Write the finest purchase you’ve made in this 2016, and if you want link a photo.

My laptop! It’s a beautiful Lenovo Yoga and honestly, it’s my life, I can’t go a day without it.

  1. Write 3 good intentions for this 2017.
  • Do volunteer work
  • Be more proactive and aware about the world
  • Help spread awareness and reduce ignorance
  1. Write 1 place you want to visit in 2017.

Quite frankly, I’m rather well-travelled and have been to a lot of places around the world. So, the place I do want to visit, or go back to actually, is my grandfather’s farm in a small town called Bazpur. I haven’t been there since he passed away, and being at the farm is one of my fondest childhood memories.

  1. Write 1 plate/food you want to eat in 2017.

I love trying new cuisines, so I’d like to try a cuisine I haven’t tried before, I don’t know which one. Just, anything new.


Here’s where I break the rules. I’m a new blogger and to be quite honest, I haven’t spoken to 9 people in the blog-sphere. So, here are the few people I’m tagging.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to give the tag a go!

Zee xx



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