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Library-ing on a Saturday

It’s right after winter break, fun time’s over and it’s back to the grind for me. While I was home over break, I avoided all work and I’m now paying for it. I’m spending my Saturday in the library, and I’m taking a break from my essays to write this.


Yesterday, I made a list of the amount of work I needed to get done in the day and guess how much I got through? Absolutely nothing. When I’m in the comfort of my bedroom, I get no work done ever. Unlimited internet is way too tempting, and I end up wasting my day in bed watching YouTube, and then for some reason feel tired, even though I’ve done nothing all day. So, today I decided to be responsible and not let myself get stuck in the vicious cycle of “oh I’ll just watch one more video, and then get down to work”. I don’t even know why I tell myself that anymore; it’s a lie I don’t even believe. My will power stands to shame in front of YouTube.

Also, I realized once I was in the library that I’d forgotten the most important thing – my headphones. To be honest, I live a minute away from the library, but I’m too lazy and it’s too cold and so I choose to suffer in silence rather than venture back to my flat to retrieve my headphones. To be fair, though, if I left the library, I wouldn’t have come back, so it’s probably for the best that I get as much work as I can done in the silence, when the alternative is that I leave and just don’t return.

I’m working on an assignment that I’m quite excited about, right now. So, I’m writing a dissertation on a topic related to the LGBT community, and my supervisor asked me to teach a masters level class at my university with her, on the subject. It’s a great opportunity, and while I’m a little nervous, I’m really looking forward to it. I should actually get back to it, since I’ve got to send her a lesson plan soon.

Oh, I made a banana smoothie today and it’s my favourite go-to smoothie. Literally the same recipe as the one I put up yesterday, only with bananas instead of berries. I’ve also just realized that I don’t have any food made at home, so I’m going to have to get back and cook after this. Why, world, why must I adult? Sigh.

Anyway, on that note, that’s all for now, folks!

Hope you’re having a good morning/afternoon/night wherever you are! (Honestly, though, I really do hope that you’re having a more enjoyable Saturday than me.)


Quote of the Day: “I think part of being an adult is leaving the fairytale behind.” – Rashida Jones


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