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Dishoom – Indian Cuisine in London

I don’t have lectures on Monday’s so I woke up late, cleaned my room, made myself a smoothie and had just settled in to work on an assignment when my friend told me that she had lunch plans that fell through and so we decided to head out for lunch instead. We went to an Indian restaurant in Shoreditch called Dishoom, and I loved every aspect of it. The look of the restaurant itself was amazing – they’d managed to give the place an Indian vibe while still maintaining a rather vintage English look. The menu was really impressive and had a lot of my favourite Indian food items on it, so I was happy.

While waiting for our food to arrive, my friend and I barely spoke, we were so taken in by the ambience of the restaurant, we just kept looking around and taking pictures. What I loved was their attention to detail when designing the place, every part of the restaurant kept with the theme and all the different decorations fit perfectly with one another. There was also a Hindi translation of everything written around the walls in Dishoom and I really enjoyed that touch!

When the food arrived we were so ready to pig out, having only had a smoothie for breakfast, and the food did not disappoint! The Indian in me was very happy with the taste of every dish we ordered, honestly, I couldn’t fault a thing. Everything was also really filling, and towards the end of the meal we had reached a point where our stomachs could take no more food, but it was all so good we just couldn’t bear to waste anything, and so we continued to stuff ourselves.

Sadly, we had no room left for dessert after the main course, although the options looked absolutely. But, I know that I’ll definitely go back to Dishoom again, and so I was alright leaving dessert for next time.

Walking into the restaurant I thought it would be expensive, but it was surprisingly reasonable. As a college student I would not say that it was cheap at all, but it wasn’t expensive either. Dishoom had a charming ambience, food that made my soul happy, and prices that did not put a dent in my wallet – all in all, a very enjoyable spontaneous lunch, and one I’m glad I went on even though it meant not getting any time to work on assignments today.

So, there you have it, guys. If you’re ever in the mood for Indian cuisine, give Dishoom a try!

That’s all for now, folks!

Hope you’re having a good morning/afternoon/night wherever you are!


Quote of the Day: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw


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