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Group versus Solo Study: The Pros & Cons

Hey guys!

So, I wrote a post on College Mate as part of a contest, and I’d really appreciate it if you give it a read, and a like if you enjoy it!

Thank you!

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By the time we get to college, most of us think we have our study methods all figured out. I mean, we’ve been doing it for years at this point. So you’d think we’d have mastered it, right?

Wrong. Nothing prepares you for the pressure of college, and you have to find new ways to keep yourself motivated, and most importantly… awake.

In high school, I never imagined group study as a productive way to get work done. We’d tell our parents we were studying together as an excuse to meet up and chill with friends. But we never actually got any studying done.

What Changed

However, during my third year of college, I bit off way more than I could chew. On a daily basis I’d spend at least 12 hours on campus.

Coming to my room after that, all I’d see was my bed, and my mind would…

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