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Canary Wharf Winter Light Festival

I decided to give myself a break from work today, because I went in to uni and just had the worst headache. My brain just refused to work and I took that as a sign that I needed to stop and relax for a bit.

It’s been really cold the past couple weeks, it was -1 in London today, and I’m not a fan of cold weather. So, I’ve essentially been hibernating as much as possible. I don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary these days. But, there was a Light Festival up in Canary Wharf today that and since we’ve all been busy and haven’t had time to meet up this term, my residence friends and I decided to venture out into the cold to have a look at the lights.

The lights were spread in small parks around the Canary Wharf area, so we had to walk around in the cold a fair bit, but it was worth it. The light displays were really cool and pretty, and I enjoyed walking around, chatting and taking pictures of the lights.




See, I feel so bad about not posting for a week, that I’ve posted twice today!

That’s all for now, folks!

Zee x


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