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Belfast in Pictures

Last week was reading week at university, and so a few of us from residence decided to spend it travelling to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Here are some pictures from my trip there!



6 thoughts on “Belfast in Pictures

  1. I’m so used to browsing your website via the WordPress app! This is the first time I used the website view. Wow! You really went all out on the design!

    I love the TITANIC sign in the photos. I hope all is well! Haven’t heard from you in a bit! 🙂


    1. Haha thank you! x
      And yeah, Belfast is absolutely lovely!

      And I know, I do want to be more consistent on here and write for you as well, but uni is kicking my arse at the moment. I’m off for Easter soon though, will get in touch then! 🙂


      1. School does get like that at this time of the year, so I understand. Just wanted to make sure all was well in your corner of the world. Can’t wait to see what submissions you come up with. 🙃


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